Thursday, 7 June 2012

Metal Tip Shirt

Picture credited to Ohsofickle :)

Metal Tip Shirt
Size: Fits UK4-10
Measurements: Length 68cm, Shoulder 36cm, Sleeve 58cm, Bust 88cm
Material: Chiffon/Polyester
Color available: Black and White 
Price: RM56

Stripey Shirt

Stripey Shirt
Free size
Color: White
Material: Cotton
Laid flat measurements: Length 42cm, Shoulder 33cm, Bust 41cm
Price: RM40

Polka Highwaist Short

Polka Highwaist Short
Size: S
Color: Dark blue with red polka dots
Material: Furry thick cotton
Details: Comes with a free belt, hidden zip
Laid flat measurements: Waist 32.5cm, Length 30cm
Price: RM40


Multi-way Bucket Bag
Material: Thick faux leather
Measurements: Length 30cm, Height 27cm, Width 16cm
Details: There's a mini compartment inside. You can either use it as a sling or a backpack :)
Color: Brown, Black, Khaki
Price: RM52
(Shipping fees will be RM12 due to the extra weight of the bag)

*Buyer has to pay the full payment to confirm the order. Payment will be FULLY REFUNDED if it's out of stocks are unavailable.*

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Busy life again :((
Anyways, updates most probably will be resumed on 1st of June! :))

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Polka dot

Polka Dot
Size: Fits S-L
Material: Chiffon
Color: Beige
Laid Flat Measurements: Shoulder 34cm, Bust 44cm, Length 64cm
Price: RM45

Friday, 27 April 2012

Denim Highwaisted Short

Denim Highwaisted Short
Size: S
Material: Denim
Color: Light blue
Laid flat measurements: Length 34cm ,Waist 30cm
Price: RM50

*bottom part can be folded :)*